The German Society for Computer- and Robot-Assisted Surgery (CURAC) supports scientific research and its practical implementation in the field of computer- and robot-assisted surgery.

Relations between

  • surgery
  • information technology
  • engineering sciences and adjacent fields and
  • domestic and foreign medical specialist societies

are established and deepened.

At the annual CURAC meeting, the current research results of German institutes in this field are presented and new research fields and goals are discussed and defined. Subsequently, the CURAC members work in different work groups to realize these goals.

The CURAC follows a mission.

Structure of the CURAC Society

The society is composed of

Streering committee

The steering committee consists of the executive board and the scientific advisory board.


Anyone who is either scientifically or practically involved in computer- and robot-assisted surgery or therapy or who is interested in the topic can become a member of CURAC.

Working groups

The CURAC supports working groups that deal with special issues or concerns of the society. Interested CURAC members may actively participate in the working groups.

CURAC Contact

CURAC Office
c/o Gabriele Schäfer
Albstraße 45
D-70597 Stuttgart

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