The “Innovation Center for Computer Assisted Surgery” (ICCAS) at the Medical Faculty of the Universität Leipzig is an interdisciplinary cooperation between the disciplines surgery, computer science and medical engineering. It is one of the six awardees of the "Centres for Innovation Competence: Create Excellence - Foster Talent" programme of the “German Federal Ministry of Education and Research”



The increasing implementation of Information and Communication Technology is rapidly changing the surgical health care environment. By analyzing surgical workflows, the requirements for modern surgical automation systems are determined. All relevant data about the patient are included in a "digital patient model" which is presented to the surgeon via a TIMMS infrastructure. Image processing, integration of biological signals, mechatronics and system safety issues are the main areas of development. Similar to other high-tech fields, an interdisciplinary way of thinking and a common language are required for both surgeons and engineers. Only then Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) will become a scientific discipline that balances technical possibilities and clinical requirements in the upcoming era of technologically enhanced surgery. Economic considerations are of equal importance to justify new technological applications in times of increasing health care budget restrictions.

News & Dates

CURAC Annual Conference 2018
13.- 15.09.2018, Leipzig


Nächste Veranstaltungen:

New Horizons: The Future of Medical Ultrasound
17.01. -18.01.2018, Charité, Berlin